"He makes me want to know about little things, so that I can teach him. Like when we sit by this lake, I wish I knew what kind of turtle that was, so I could tell him. And I want to figure out what kind of duck that is, so I can tell him all about it the next time we come.""What do you want most for him?""Whatever his dreams are, I’m down to ride for him.""What’s your biggest fear for him?""That he won’t try. If he doesn’t try, I’ll be hurt. Cause then we’ll never know how far he’d get."

“Sometimes we are outright rude when we interact with people. We meet a gay guy or a couple living together, and we think we have the obligation and right to warn them what God thinks about their sexuality on our first meeting. As if their sex life is the first thing on God’s agenda.

It’s not.

Love is. Grace is. Mercy is. Jesus is.”

Judah Smith [excerpt from the book “Jesus Is”] (via musiqchild007)

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Gets me everytime. Squirting a given. Why doesn’t EVERYONE do this? :-/ 

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I love it!!!!

When the most visible same-sex couple on American television got married, I was kind of hoping for more of this and less cheating, fighting, separating etc. Sure, you may want to give the same-sex couple the same depth and drama as the heterosexual couples (pause: this can be accomplished without extreme conflict within the relationship but moving on) because you don’t want people to think you’re giving them special treatment by making them happy. And you don’t want them to be boring. But when you have given America its most visible same-sex couple on television what you may want to show America, a largely homophobic country, is that we can also have a successful marriage like 50% of the straight married couples instead of showing that we can be disasters like the other 50% of the straight married couples. And boring? On the contrary. You know how fucking exciting it’d be to be able to point at the television and say to homophobic parents, friends, etc. who think we’ll "ruin the sanctity of marriage", "That. That’s what I want. This is possible. And I deserve that happiness with another woman (or man)"? Pretty fucking exciting. Healthy same-sex relationships on major broadcast television, now that’s remarkable. 

this. this. this.

With major help from Buzzfeed, here is a mixtape featuring some of the best Beyoncé mashups!
1. Bang Bang Who Run the World (ft. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj) 2. Best Thing About Your Friends (ft. TLC) 3. Check on Da Hee (ft. Missy Elliot) 4. Deja Vu on the Dance Floor (ft. Michael Jackson) 5. Flawless Girlfriends (ft. Aaliyah) 6. Hit and Drop on All the Single Ladies (ft. Ray Charles and Snoop Dogg) 7. If I Were a Free Fallin’ Boy (ft. Tom Petty) 8. Irreplaceable Shuffle (ft. Cupid) 9. Nasty Naughty (ft. Vanity 6) 10. Party of My Life (ft. Erykah Badu) 11. Rude Yoncé (ft. Rihanna) 12. Single Ladies Up in Here (ft. DMX) 13. Stay With Me, XO (ft. Sam Smith and Nicki Minaj) 14. Super Countdown (ft. Nicki Minaj) 15. The Worst Part II (ft. Jhene Aiko) 16. Untitled Rocket (ft. D’Angelo) 17. Upgrade My Hair (ft. Willow Smith) 18. Work It Out With a Foxy Lady (ft. Jimi Hendrix) 19. Yoncé Gets Her Freak On (Ft. Missy Elliot)
Download HERE! Enjoy :)